Industrial Oil

Industrial lubricants have an important task in the generation and transmission of energy, reduction or transmission of drive forces, deployment of machine tools, when generating cooling air or compressed air, and for many other applications in production. LUBTRON industrial lubricants can make a significant contribution to achieving higher productivity, improving efficiency and saving energy, for example, in hydraulic systems, gear units and many other applications. Furthermore, rapidly biodegradable lubricants from LUBTRON offer an eco-friendly alternative to hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

Anti Rust Oil, Industrial Chain Lube, Compressor Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, Industrial Gear Bearing Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Hydraulic Oil AWS, Turbine Oil, Wire Rope


Lubricating greases are consistent lubricants made up of base oil and a specially chosen thickener. To increase certain properties, additives are added to the lubricating greases. Lubricating greases are structural elements, especially when used as long-life lubricants for lifetime lubrication. LUBTRON industrial lubricating greases are a balanced and complete package offering the ideal technical and economical solution in the largest possible number of lubricating grease applications in the industry.

Lithium, Calcium, Bentonite, Lithium Complex, Polyurea, Aluminium Complex, Calcium Sulfornate, Robot Arm Grease

Metal Working Oil

Modern metalworking is subjected to a variety of demands. Cooling lubricants for metalworking processes must be effective, economical and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. In process chains downstream of metalworking, customized cleaning agent solutions and process-compatible and reliable corrosion preventatives play a decisive role when it comes to production reliability and product quality. That‘s why optimally matched lubricant concepts are important – because all process steps must be taken into account. With its comprehensive range of lubricants and many years of application experience, UNIMAX Grease understands the processes of its customers like to other lubricant manufacturer.

Cutting Fluid, Anti-Rust Oil

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