About Us

Unimax Synergy Sdn. Bhd.

“Let people easily get as many industrial Grease & Lubricant products and services as possible and useful.”

Our Mission

“Let Unimax Grease provide customer with quality services to help customer achieve greater economic effciency,and promote the sustainable development of the industrial environment”

Our Action Plan

-With an open mind-to understand the needs of customer.
-Has a passion for the integration of the data-the data will be analyzed integration.
-Has a straightforward manner-to pass information for customer.

Our Products

We specialise in all type of industrial Grease & Lubricant ~

Anti-Seize Compound/Paste , Aluminium Complex Grease , Bentonite Grease , Bentonite Moly Grease , Calcium Grease , Calcium Sulfornate Grease , CV Joint Grease , Drilling Grease , Food Grade Grease , Gas Valve Grease , Lithium Grease , Lithium Complex Grease , Lithium Moly Grease , Lithium White Moly Grease , Lithium 12 HAS Grease , Open Gear Grease , PTFE Grease , Silicon Grease , Robot Arm Grease , Silica Grease , Thread Grease , Wire Rope Grease , Fuji Spray Grease , Other Specialty Grease

Anti-Rust Oil , Chian Oil , Compressor Oil , Cutting Oil , Heat Transfer Oil , Hydraulic Oil , Slideway Oil

Our Partners

We carry many of various quality Brand for Europe , Japan , Local manufacturer.